Grant FAQs

Does everyone qualify for a grant?

Many businesses (for-profits, non-profits, and municipalities) qualify for grants, but unfortunately, not everyone or every business is a competitive recipient of a grant award.

  • Nonprofit Organizations with Exempt and Charitable status from IRS may qualify for Foundation Grants, Corporate Grants, and Government Grants.
  • For Profit Businesses (corporations, partnerships, sole proprietors, limited liability companies) may qualify for Government Grants depending on the specifications in the Notice of Funding Announcement published in the Federal Register.
  • Individuals such as researchers, graduate students, and educators may qualify for a very small number of Foundation Grants or Government grants depending on the specifications.
  • Unfortunately, AGWA Grant Consulting Services, Inc. does not assist individuals with grant or scholarship applications.
​​How are grant writers compensated?
  • Grant writers, also known as grant consultants, are paid on an hourly basis, or by a project flat fee that is based on an estimated number of hours.
  • It is unethical to compensate a grant writer, or any fundraiser, based on the dollar amount of the grant award.  Please refer to the AGWA Professional Standards and Code of Ethics.
  • The average hourly rate is $50 - $100* per hour for researching grant opportunities.   
  • The average hourly rate is $50 - $125* per hour for developing programs, preparing budgets, and writing letters, proposals, narratives, and applications.
  • The average Federal grant application takes 125 total labor hours; some of these hours will be attributed to the client's staff who will provide project and budget information, review the draft application, and actually submit the application
  • Project fees are typically less using the Flat fee method.
​*  Rates are sometimes higher when the grant writer works in a community with a higher than average cost of living.

Will the business be expected to participate in the grant writing process?
  • Yes.  The applicant client must supply their basic project concepts and budget sufficient enough for the grant writer to use as the base of composing a competitive application. If the business is not willing to be fully engaged in the process by providing details about the business and project, then the grant consultant will be severely limited and the final product will not be nearly as competitive.  

What criterion should be considered when evaluating a prospective grant consultant?
  • Does the grant consultant belong to a Professional Association?
  • Does the grant consultant adhere to Professional Standards and Code of Ethics?
  • Does the grant consultant hold a Professional Credential such as the Certified Grant Writer® credential, documenting proficiency in grant researching, proposal writing, budgeting, and professional ethics?
  • Is the grant consultant compliant with the regulations for a fundraising consultant at their State's Charity Office?
  • Does the grant consultant have experience writing grants in your field of interest (such as education, agriculture, healthcare, homeland security, or scientific research) ?
  • Is the fee based on a reasonable hourly rate, or is the project fee based on a reasonable estimate of the hours to complete the project?

What are RED FLAGs that tell you not to hire a grant consultant?
  • If the grant consultant guarantees you a grant, this is a RED FLAG.
  • If the grant consultant tells you that your business is prequalified, this is a RED FLAG.
  • If the grant consultant wants a percentage of the grant award as compensation for writing the letter, proposal, or application, this is a RED FLAG.
  • If the grant consultant is willing to be paid from the grant award, this is a RED FLAG.
  • If the grant consultant wants to submit the grants on your behalf, this is a RED FLAG; the organization should always be the grant applicant.
  • If the grant consultant wants to have control of the grant funds or handle grant funds at any time, this is a RED FLAG
How can I learn to Write Grants or Research Grant Opportunities?

AGWA offers the following training opportunities: