Not all businesses are eligible, nor competitive for grants. GCS offers a variety of business services which can your business become more competitive with grant applications and / or to find other types of funding support.

501c3 Non-Profit Status

501c3 Application Packet: A new non-profit wanting to have the tax-exempt charitable status so that they are eligible to receive tax-exempt donations and grant funding must complete an 8 document application and submit to the IRS for approval. Any mistakes and the IRS can return the application packet and ask the business to start over and file again.
GCS consultants will prepare the 501c3 Application Packet correctly the first time. Our Business Consultants will stay with you and help respond to any questions the IRS may have about your application.
 The advantages of a nonprofit organization obtaining charitable exempt status includes:
  • eligible to accept charitable donations and conduct fundraising events
  • eligible to apply to Foundations and Corporations for grant funds
Cost: $500

Business Plans
Business Plan: The purpose of the Business Plan is to help organize the business concepts and logistics. In the process of developing the Business Plan owners will see more clearly their strengths and weakness and will be able to make positive adjustments more quickly. The Business Plan is often used to secure bank loans, SBA loans, and to attract hard money lenders.
Cost: $500

Government Contracts
Government Contracts: Few For-profit businesses are eligible for grant funds. However, many are eligible to work with the government, providing their products or services. Both state and Federal government agencies list contracts for public bid. The contracts are identified well in advance allowing business owners sufficient time to prepare their proposal bid.
 GCS business consultants will be able to work with the for-profit business owner in creating a very competitive government contract bid proposal.
Cost: $1,000

Business Consulting
Business Consulting: Too often new and small business owners try to go it alone. Although they may have expertise in their field of business there are many aspects to making a business successful, including marketing, client management, price setting, advertising, and social media to name a few.
 Business Consulting services will be performed primarily through email communication.
 This will provide a written record of questions, responses, and solutions.
Cost: $1,500 for 6 months;
           $2,400 for one year